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Santa Barbara Pistachio Company

Since our first harvest in 1995, and our first Organic crop certified by CCOF in 2007, Santa Barbara Pistachios has produced the highest quality all-natural pistachios available. We only sell what we grow; We brine our pistachios with wholesome Organic, Kosher-Certified ingredients instead of spraying on the flavor; We hot air dry, rather than flame roast, our pistachios at a low temperature to retain their natural buttery flavor and nutritional value; We hand sort and pack daily to make sure they are farm fresh when you receive them.

And that’s how we always do it. We hope you taste and enjoy the difference.

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Santa Barbara Pistachio Company has developed a unique process for roasting their high-quality pistachios. The result being a delicate crunch and a distinctively intense pistachio flavor.

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