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From its inception, Linea has partnered with the world's most progressive organic coffee farmers, environmentally friendly producers, and importers.

We are pleased to offer you three organic beans to truly seize the day, the Linea Reserve Espresso, Little Wing Blend, and the Peru Norma Veronica Huillca.

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10 ounce bag Organic Linea Reserve Espresso $20.00  Qty: Price:
10 ounce bag Organic Little Wing Blend $18.75  Qty: Price:
10 ounce bag Organic Peru Norma Veronica Huillca $21.00  Qty: Price:
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Organic Linea Reserve Espresso
This is an espresso that is unforgettably sweet, clean, and balanced. Linea's Organic Reserve blend is an homage to classic Northern Italian espresso. It's magnificent when blended with steamed milk as a cappuccino or macchiato. Lovely prepared as French Press, Chemex, syphon, AeroPress, or pour-over.
Flavor Notes: Honey, sugar cane, vanilla. Incredibly sweet, clean, and balanced, tons of caramel, marzipan, apricot, and marmalade. Lingering bittersweet chocolate finish.

Organic Little Wing Blend
An homage to the classic track by Jimi Hendrix, Linea's Little Wing blend is a sweet and approachable coffee that is delicious brewed as either drip or espresso. With a balanced flavor profile, Little Wing will be a hit with those who love their coffee with cream and sugar as well as those who take it black. Fly on, Little Wing!
Flavor Notes: Vanilla and fudge with praline sweetness, creamy and full-bodied with a touch of zested lemon.

Organic Peru Norma Veronica Huillca
Produced by Norma Veronica Huillca of the Valle Inca Cooperative and sourced by Linea's good friends at Red Fox, this lot is a stunning example of the delicious coffees currently being grown in Peru. Coffees from Valle Inca showcase elegant honeyed florals and a ripened plum sweetness.
Flavor Notes: Caramel apple pie, plum compote, Tahitian vanilla.

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