Single Box Sustaining Subscription Bi-Weekly ($32.69/delivery)

Store Single Size CSA Fruit Share Single Box Sustaining Subscription Bi-Weekly ($32.69/delivery)

Approximately 7 lbs of seasonal mixed fruit.** Our most popular box size. Pay in advance for 13 bi-weekly deliveries (approx. 6 months) and receive 10% off your boxes (reflected in price above).

Single Share - 13 deliveries Price:
Delivery frequency
: Bi-Weekly

**Please note that the poundage of the box may vary +/- a pound depending on the crops we are packing.

Fighting Food Waste
10+ million pounds of produce is left in the field each year in CA. At Frog Hollow, we ensure all the fruit we grow finds a home so the precious resources it takes to grow it are not wasted. Our CSA boxes are packed with fruit that is too ripe or cosmetically challenged to be accepted via traditional retail channels.

This subscription is eligible for box holds. Refunds not available. Subscription will not auto-renew.

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