Persimmon Cookies

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These Persimmon Cookies are soft, moist, and infused with the cozy flavors of warming spices. They feature our own dried peaches, walnuts, and are drizzled with a sweet orange glaze.

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  • 10" tin contains approx. 7-8 individual cookies
  • Features

  • Soft and moist texture
  • Filled with delicious dried fruit and nuts
  • Melt in your mouth taste
  • Great persimmon flavor
  • Ingredients

    Cookies: Organic flour, organic Frog Hollow Hachiya persimmon puree, organic butter (organic pasteurized cream), organic walnuts, organic sugar, organic brown sugar (organic sugar, organic molasses), Frog Hollow dried peaches, organic eggs, candied orange peel (organic oranges, organic sugar, corn syrup), baking soda, salt, spices.

    Glaze: Organic powdered sugar, orange juice, organic orange zest.

    Manufactured on equipment that processes milk, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, and seeds. ***Known allergen ingredients.

    Storage & Handling

    Store in a cool, dry place for up to 2 weeks for maximum freshness.

    Our Process

    Our once seasonal persimmon treat is now available all year round for you to enjoy! Chef Becky purees Frog Hollow Hachiya persimmons, so you can be sure that the flavors of fall shine bright in each bite. Organic walnuts and our own dried peaches lend an addicting texture to the cookie, while our own spice blend gives the cookie a lovely warmth. With Navel oranges coming into season at the same time as the persimmons, the tasty orange glaze adds a sweet layer on top that complements this cookie perfectly. These come in our gold tin, which is great for storage and to give as a fresh gift.

    As regenerative farmers we are committed to reducing food waste and use all of the fruit we grow for its best purpose. Our Farm Kitchen utilizes fruit that cannot be sold commercially due to cosmetic defects or because it is too ripe to be eaten out of hand. This fruit is full of the legendary flavor we are known for and delivers goodness in every bite.

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