Peach Scuffins

New York Times blogger Julia Moskin writes that our Scuffins have "a stout, sconelike dough formed in a muffin shape and a shot of fruit preserves in the center." This hybrid sensation has a dense, crumbly texture with a generous dollop of our rich, fruity conserves at the center.

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  • Pack of 3 (Frozen)

  • Features

  • Fresh Frog Hollow fruit conserve center
  • Whole grain texture
  • An easy breakfast or dessert
  • Delicious crumbly top
  • Ingredients

    Organic whole wheat flour, organic flour, organic bran, organic flax meal, organic brown sugar (organic sugar, organic molasses), organic butter, organic Frog Hollow Peach conserve (organic peaches, organic sugar, ascorbic acid, citric acid), whole milk, cream, organic eggs, baking powder, spices, salt.

    Manufactured on equipment that processes milk, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, and seeds. ***Known allergen ingredients.

    Storage & Handling

    Frozen: Keep frozen until baking. Place Scuffins individually into a greased muffin tray. Brush the tops with cream, milk, or egg-wash. At 400, bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Allow at least 15 minutes to cool before plating. Fillings may leak during baking.

    Our Process

    Why choose between a scone or muffin for breakfast when you can have the best of both! We put our own stamp on the sensation that is the Scuffin by filling each one with a big dollop of our organic fruit conserves. The pastry itself has the crumb-like texture of a scone, but with the shape of a muffin. It is a filling treat, not too sweet, and has delicious nutty undertones from the flax meal that pairs so well with the conserve. These Scuffins are so easy to prepare and make the perfect breakfast or brunch. Bite into this tasty muffin-shaped pastry and you'll experience a center of sweet, fruity goodness!

    As regenerative farmers we are committed to reducing food waste and use all of the fruit we grow for its best purpose. Our Farm Kitchen utilizes fruit that cannot be sold commercially due to cosmetic defects or because it is too ripe to be eaten out of hand. This fruit is full of the legendary flavor we are known for and delivers goodness in every bite.

    This product is perishable and will arrive chilled in a cardboard cooler for pick-up at the CSA site. All add-on items are labeled with your name on the side and the product is listed on the label. If you order multiple items, you may have more than one add-on box. We REUSE our boxes and packing materials so please return these to your pick-up location. Keep frozen until baking. Comes with baking instructions.