Organic EVOO - FHF 2022 Harvest

Store Olive Oil Organic EVOO - FHF 2022 Harvest

Every year's olive crop and oil are different. This year's oil has an exquisitely delicate mouthfeel with vegetal notes of kale and matcha. There are some grassy tones and hints of melon and grass-fed butter with a peppery finish and a deep green hue.

1/2 Gallon EVO
2022 Harvest
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Olive Oil 500ml
2022 Harvest
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Olive Oil 375ml
2022 Harvest
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  • Organic extra virgin olive oil

  • Serving Suggestions:
    Add liberally to baked potatoes, grilled bread, seasonal salads, soups, and even over vanilla ice cream with a pinch of Maldon salt.

    Storage and Handling:
    Store in a cool, dark area away from sunlight. The fridge is not highly recommended.

    Our Process
    Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made in the Tuscan style. Five different Tuscan varieties of olives make up our olive oil: the Maurino, Frantoio, Leccino, Coratino, and the Pendolino. Each olive variety ripens at a different time, but we pick them all on the same day. That mix of green (less ripe) and purple (ripe) olives is what makes the Tuscan blend so famous. Our oil is made exclusively from the olives grown in our 2-acre olive grove and pressed in Petaluma, CA. Every year's crop and press are unique. Our 2022 harvest was the most bountiful to date, and this year's oil is superb.

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