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To celebrate and savor our 2019 Olio Nuovo, we’ve curated three distinct press profiles for our Olio Nuovo Trio - Buttery, Balanced, and Bold. Each press profile includes flavor notes and pairing suggestions. Experience the nuances in color, texture, and flavor of each of these three specialty oils.

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We make our olive oil in the Tuscan style with a blend of four Italian olive varieties – Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, & Pendolino. Freshly pressed oil from these beautiful fruits is called Olio Nuovo, prized for its exceptionally high levels of polyphenols and robust flavor. Each batch milled contains different ratios of green and black olives based on our harvest cycle. The varying ratios and ripeness of olives imbue each press with its own unique and distinctive flavor profile discernable when the oil is fresh and new. After a few months, all batches pressed become balanced, creating a seasonal flavor profile for the year.