Hoshigaki Persimmons

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Made from our organically grown, peak season Hachiya Persimmons. A labor of love, these naturally sweet fruits benefit from slow drying and massaging which creates a luxurious texture and deep caramelly flavor. Savor small slices of Hoshigaki with green tea for a simple but sumptuous experience.

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May contain seeds. This is our second year taking on the task of Hoshigaki and we’re excited to be offering a limited amount of them to our CSA members. While our Hoshigaki do not yet have the distinct white sugar “bloom” sometimes seen on Hoshigaki from Japan, they still pack a ton of concentrated flavor and delightful texture.

[I]This product is delivered in a separate container than your CSA fruit share.  Please look for a brown cardboard box with your name labeled on the side.  Please take only the item(s) you ordered from the box as we often pack multiple-member add-ons in the same box. [/I]