Raw honey from Brentwood local Kelly Knapp of Miss Bee Haven. Scroll down to see descriptions of each type.

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From: Miss Bee Haven Honey

Raw honey from the hives of Kelly Knapp of Miss Bee Haven. All of Kelly's honey comes straight from the crushed combs without any cooking or heating to kill enzymes and destroy flavor. Due to the raw nature of the honey crystallization may occur.

Frog Hollow Summer Blast: This golden sweet honey is harvested from hives on our farm. The bees forage on our orchard wildflowers and fruit blossoms lending the honey a fruity undertone with a peachy finish.

Chunk Honey: Whole pieces of honeycomb suspended in the liquid gold of Frog Hollow Summer Blast honey. Don't miss this seasonal delight.

Star Thistle: Honey from bees who forage on start thistle flower. This honey is sunshine in a jar with a slightly spicy finish. Star thistle is a seasonal favorite.

Fall Harvest: honey from bees who forage on late summer wildflowers. This is a full flavored earthy honey with a hint of spice.

Open Field: is a sweet collaboration of several apiaries in the East Bay. Harvested and bottled with several different colonies with love.

This product is delivered labeled in a separate container than your CSA share. Please transfer to your own container for transport.