Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a box every other week?
Yes, we have a ‘bi-weekly’ delivery option.  Select a bi-weekly plan when choosing your subscription and box size. 

Do you offer vacation holds and how do they work?
We understand that there will be times when you are not able to pick-up your delivery, which is why we accommodate vacation holds.  You can place vacation holds through your member dashboard via your online CSA account. Vacation holds must be placed by 12:00 am 48 hours before your next scheduled delivery day via your online account. If you’d like for our Customer Care representative to place a hold for you, different deadlines will apply.  Please click here for a detailed breakdown of deadlines by delivery day. 

Recurring Billing members - your account will not be debited for deliveries placed on hold.

Sustaining members - the delivery held will be put into your account as a credit, which will be used at the end of your existing purchase for the next consecutive delivery. 

Can I customize my box?
We cannot customize the fruit that is packed in our boxes.  However, you can customize your deliveries by adding on items like pasture raised eggs, flats of a favorite fruit, granola, honey, and more. 

What do I do with the box my fruit comes in?
You are free to take the box with you and bring it back to your CSA site the following week. The boxes are perfect for transporting your fruit, but you can leave the box at the site and transfer your fruit to your own container if you’d like. Each week the CSA delivery driver will pick-up returned boxes and bring them back to the farm, where we sort and reuse.

Can I take the cooler my add-ons come in?
Please do not take the cooler your order comes in.  Take your items out of the box and leave the cooler behind. 

This isn’t the right amount of fruit for me, can I downsize or upgrade?
Recurring Payment subscribers can switch their box size and/or delivery frequency at any time through their member dashboard via their online CSA account.  Adjustments to your account must be made by your order deadline for the upcoming delivery to reflect changes. 

Sustaining Members can pay a prorated amount to increase their box size. If a certain size fits your needs most of the time but you occasionally need extra fruit, you can always schedule an add-on box of mixed fruit for an increase on the week you specify. Sustaining members who wish to switch to smaller box may do so.  Your deliveries will be extended until your credit is used. Contact us for assistance with changing your box size. 

Do I get a discount on add-ons as a CSA member?
CSA members do receive a discount from our mail order pricing on most of the products we make.  This discount is already reflected in the CSA online store. CSA member discounts only apply to orders placed via the online CSA store. 

Can I visit the farm?
We are a working farm so can’t accommodate visitors on a regular basis.  However, we do want to see you! We host three events per year for our CSA members to come out to the farm. Our summer and fall events feature u-pick fruit, music, a craft activity, farm tours and a farmers market.  Our spring event features a stroll through the blooming orchard and educational activities on pollinators.  Look for invitations in the newsletter and via email.