Dried Pluots

Our dried pluots have a delicious, sparking tartness to complement their rich sweetness. A cross between plums and apricots, the pluot is quickly becoming one of the best-known hybrid fruits available today. Medallions range from golden brown to deep mahogany.

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Dapple Dandy Pluots: Kids love a fresh Dapple Dandy pluot for its distinctive color and lack of tartness. But just wait until it's dried! Beautifully crimson, sweet-tart, and a satisfying meaty texture?they'll love it even more.

Flavor King Pluots: The Flavor King pluot is known for its intense, rich flavor combined with sweet, spicy tones reminiscent of a Santa Rosa plum. When dried, its firey crimson flesh takes on a deep brown, bursting with tartness and molasses/raisin undertones.


- Bursting with complex sweetness

- Fantastic chewy texture

- No sulfur preservatives

- Energy & nutrient-dense

- Extremely high in antioxidants

- Rich in potassium and fiber

- Just 6 pieces = 11% of daily recommended fiber and 6% of daily potassium


- Organic pluots, sunshine

Storage & Instructions

- Store dried fruit in a dark, cool, and dry place up to 4 months after opening. For longer storage after opening, keep dried fruit in the freezer for up to 1 year and take it out a few hours before serving.

Food to Feel Good About

Our dried fruit is an upcycled food product made with cosmetically challenged or ultra-ripe fruit. Considering 10+ million tons of produce get left in the field each year throughout California, optimizing our harvest is crucial for mitigating food waste. Frog Hollow Farm ensures that all of our fruit finds a home so that the precious resources it took to grow it are not wasted.

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