Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment

Store Olive Oil Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment

Our Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment features all three of our truffle flavors - Dark Chocolate Olive Oil , Dark Chocolate Orange and Dark Chocolate Chili.

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All of our truffles feature our extra virgin olive oil which brings out the full rich flavor of dark chocolate and gives our truffles a luscious creamy texture. All truffles are handmade in our Farm Kitchen.

Our Dark Chocolate Truffle Assortment features:

Classic Dark Chocolate Olive Truffles

Dark Chocolate Orange Truffles - Our decadent and luscious dark chocolate and olive oil truffles with our own orange marmalade zest.

Dark Chocolate Chili - Using our own garden chilis these dark chocolate truffles are infused with a warming cayenne heat.

For best quality refrigerate upon arrival for up to a month in the tin or in an airtight container.

[I]This product is delivered in a separate container than your CSA fruit share. Please look for a brown insulated box with your name labeled on the side. Please take only the item(s) you ordered from the box as we often pack multiple member add-ons in the same box. [/I]