Nothing says summer like freshly harvested fresh cucumbers from our organic vegetable garden. We are growing a few different varieties that will be featured in their harvest windows. Please see descriptions below.

1 lb. 7082 Cucumbers
approx 2-3 per lb.
$4.25  Qty: Price:
1.25 lb. Suryo Long
approx 1 cucumber
$3.75  Qty: Price:
1 lb. Lemon Cucumbers
approx 2-3 per pound
$3.50  Qty: Price:
1 lb. Itachi
approx 1 cucumber
$3.00  Qty: Price:
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7082 Cucumbers comeĀ from our friends at Row7 Seed Company. These cukes evoke a flavor of yesteryear - complex with a slightly bitter finish. Great for slicing, pickling and even for grilling.

Suyo Long Cucumbers An Asian heirloom cucumber which are long, slender and ribbed, with a deep green color. They have a fine delicate flavor and crispy texture that cucumber lovers will treasure.

Lemon Cucumbers are an heirloom variety which are round, yellow and about the size of a tennis ball. Lemon cukes have a thinner skin than English cucumbers and are less bitter. They are the perfect size cucumber for two people and are great for salads, sandwiches, dipping and lunchbox snacks!

Pickling Cucumbers Our pickling cucumbers are perfect for, well, pickling! Fulfill your urban homesteading dreams and preserve some of the summer's harvest to enjoy this winter. The pickling cucumbers are also good for eating sliced in salads. They are firm and crunchy with good flavor. They just have a thick skin that some people don't favor. Nothing a vegetable peeler can't remedy.

Itachi Cucumber Super attractive, sweet and crispy fruits with small seed cavities and bitter-free flavor. The texture even holds up to cooking for a wonderful, fresh flavor in stir-fries!

This product is delivered in a separate container than your CSA fruit share. Please look for a box with a red ADD-On sticker on the top and that has your name labeled on the side.