Beef Ribeye Bone-In Steak

Store Pasture Raised Meats Beef Ribeye Bone-In Steak

All the promise of a juicy Rib Eye with the added caveman satisfaction of eating it off the bone. Amazing grilled and also delicious pan fried or broiled.

$20.95 per pound. The price listed is the maximum price. The exact price will be billed at the time it is based on weight.

From: LeftCoast Grassfed Beef

 1.25 lbs. (+/-)$26.25 Sorry, out of stock.

Approximately 1.25 lbs per package. Comes frozen.

LeftCoast GrassFed uses regenerative grazing to sequester carbon, build soil, retain water, support wildlife, grow healthy grass, feed happy cows, produce sustainable and delicious 100% grass-fed beef.

Packed in a separate container than your CSA share. Please look for a box with your name labeled on the side, take your item out, and leave the box behind.

If you DO NOT want this item to accompany your next scheduled delivery, please email us at and let us know when you'd like to receive it.

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