Baia Pasta - Rosemary & Pumpkin Gomiti

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Nothing better than a roasted pumpkin with butter and fresh rosemary.

So....we broke it down for you, Baia Pasta style, and infused our organic durum elbows with organic pumpkin and rosemary, just in time for your holiday table.

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According to the Italian law “pasta secca” (dry pasta) can be made only with durum wheat semolina. Baia Pasta uses organic durum wheat semolina milled with a high extraction rate to improve flavor and texture.

Baia organic durum wheat flour comes predominantly from the Rocky Mountains region of the US (Montana and, in minor quantities, Colorado and Utah) and is a blend of different flours. The grain is milled finely to allow a consistent extrusion. The extraction rate the miller uses is much higher than average (70% instead of 60-65%) in order to have a semolina richer in nutrients and minerals. Hence, the flavor of the semolina, exalted by the slow-drying and cold water kneading techniques, is deeper and more complex.